why you should use tea tree oil in your skin

Tea tree oil is a new trend that is taking by surprise everybody, but do you know exactly what is it? This substance is an essential oil that is being used as an alternative to many traditional skin treatments; but it has other uses like mouthwash, repellent, and even deodorant. It also has benefits for hair and nails!

To get the best tea tree oil, you must buy one that is 100% natural. The Latin name Melaleuca alternifolia and the origin must be impressed on the label. Besides that, try to buy it from a very known brand or store, to be secure about the precedence, because like all the essential oils, it can produce terrible results if it is from an unknown source or mix it with other components.

Tea tree oil benefits for the skin

There are many benefits for the skin that this oil can provide, it is used in a wide range of lesions and conditions; some of them are:

  • Dry skin: perfect for soothing dry skin, reducing itching and irritation, and hydrating the cells. It also has shown incredible results for the treatment of eczema. The best way to do it, it is to mix a few drops of the oil into a moisturizer and apply it to the affected areas right after the shower, better if it is twice per day.
  • Oily skin: it helps to control and reduce oily skin. It can sound strange, but the antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil can start to reduce the production of grease on the face and other parts. Just add a little bit to the toner, moisturizer or sunscreen that you use and use it every day.
  • Itchy skin: there is no worse sensation than }itchy skin, but this condition can lead to terrible infections. With the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, the sensation and any infection can be treated. Just use your normal moisturizer mixed with a few drops of the tea tree oil, and apply it several times a day in the affected zone.
  • Wounds and cuts: it contains antibacterial properties perfect for a better and quick recovery of any wound and cut. These tend to hurt and be uncomfortable, but combining the oil with the wound ointment cream can help you to a full healing.
  • Acne: tea tree oil is one the preferred treatments for acne, because of the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties it can reduce redness, swelling, and clogged pores. Besides that, it can help to reduce the scars and start to contributes to the curing process. Try to combine all the acne products of your treatment with some drops of the oil and start to observe results.


  • Never apply it directly on your skin, its components are so strong that it can damage your body. Dilute it with a neutral option like coconut or almond oil. The mix between them must be 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil with 12 drops of the neutral oil.
  • Be careful with the sensitive areas like eyes, mouth, and nose. Especially the eyes. It can cause irritation and swelling.
  • Like every skin product, try it first on a small part of the body like the hands to observe any bad reaction to it.

The tea tree oil is an excellent addition to your skincare products. Be very careful when using it; just buy the best natural products.

benefits of using tea tree oil
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