We all have heard the expression “No pain, no gain”

especially when it refers to beauty and quite honestly, I am sure that most women will agree to some extent if not completely with that..

Waxing, permanent makeup, laser treatments, reductive massage… just to mention a few, are clear examples of it. Yet we do it with pleasure because we love the results !

Well the new kid on the block is called “micro-needling” it has become a very popular skin treatment despite the “needle” term in the name..although the technology is also known as “Collagen Induction Therapy” I personally prefer to call it that way because it simply defines what it does for the skin.

But, is it worth the little discomfort?

How does micro-needling work?

Either in the from of a roller, an electric pen or a stamp these cosmetic devices contain tiny needles that cause minute wounds in the skin. Since it is at such small scale, it is basically impossible to see them except for some blood drops that may emerge at the time of treatment.

Despite the microscopic nature of the wound, it is sufficient enough to activate the body’s own natural healing mechanism, promoting the production of new collagen and elastin. Hence the name “Collagen Induction Therapy”.

The beauty of this modality is that there is no removal or damaging of the existing collagen, so the new one fortifies and adds naturally to the existing structure.

New collagen not only increases skin density ( thickness), looks and feels younger but also has better overall functionally, giving the skin a very positive turn.

Another benefit that occurs parallel to the collagen growth is better absorption of active ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, growth factors etc. via the micro-channels created by the needling action. For example, combining this technology with Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from your own blood also known as PRP has become very popular. When applied synergistically with the procedure, these topical substances penetrate at deeper levels in the skin and become more therapeutic which is a great opportunity to customize each individual treatment with specific ingredients to improve different skin concerns including: lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation and so on..

This type of treatment is normally recommended in a series, the time in between treatments is set based on the professional’s criteria. For the most part, it is indicated every 3 to 4 weeks to allow the skin to heal properly before it is treated again. However, too far apart will just make the skin lose its stimulating momentum, so spacing the treatments at the correct time is crucial to achieve the best results.

The downtime is minimum, some mild redness and inflammation that normally subsides within 24 to 48 hrs. It is very important to use mild skincare and sun protection and stay away from harsh ingredients.

Extreme hygiene and sanitation is imperative for this type of skin treatments, disposable tips and/or rollers should be used each time.

The price for this treatment varies depending on the location, the professional, the active ingredients being used in the treatment as well as the procedure itself. It normally ranges from $175 up to $850 aprox. when PRP ( your own plasma) is used as the active topical. (one session)


After all the technical info, I must tell you that I have personally seen great results with this modality. It is relatively non-invasive and the benefits I believe are greater than the little discomfort. Yes, there is a little bit of discomfort, I wouldn’t call it pain. But, let’s take into consideration though that pain tolerance is a very subjective matter. I personally don’t like to use anesthetics but you can use one to make it more pleasant.

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to trade a little prick for beauty?

Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare

Instant gratification is a common expression now days… and why not, after all, technology shows us that things can be reached in no time.

The problem emerges when we become so used to that fast rhythm that we expect all things to happen at the speed of light.

Great changes can certainly be achieved in your skin relatively quickly when the correct skin care is  used but in the skin’s own world, things have a specific time.

We all have heard many times that exfoliation is good for the skin because it removes dead skin cells and encourages new cells to come to the surface giving your skin a more youthful glow.

Well… yes, that is true… in part.

The skin does benefit from regular exfoliation especially when it is dry and flaky, or excessively oily causing congestion manifested in black and/or whiteheads. The normal exfoliating period for the skin naturally occurs approximately every 28 days. However; as we grow in age or for other health reasons the cycle extends and becomes longer. When this happens dead skin cells cling on to the skin for a longer period of time giving the skin a dull, lifeless appearance.

But before we get into more exfoliation details, one very important thing we need to consider is that the skin has a protective barrier made out of crucial components such as: cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides. These elements create a lipidic shield that isolate the skin protecting it from harmful chemicals, bacteria, enviromental factors and to maintain healthy levels of moisture and hydration and every time we exfoliate the skin we disrupt temporarily the skin’s protective barrier. The more aggressive the exfoliation the longer it takes for the lipidic barrier to repair itself.

There are many types of exfoliants; chemical in the form of acids, enzymes which break down protein,  one of the main components of dead skin cells (keratin) and physical better known as scrubs.

Like I said before, exfoliation can be beneficial for the skin when it is done the right way. How often to exfoliate is determined by the skin type and condition as well as the method being used. Sensitive skin for instance, could be negatively affected by over- exfoliation because it already presents a weak lipidic barrier, hence it gets irritated more easily.

Over-exfoliating the skin can cause many problems, including:

-Skin Sensitivities



-Over production of sebum (Skin natural oils)


-Excessive Dryness

and many more…

One more tip: If  you receive professional treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing etc.. make sure to follow the advice of the professional for your post-care which is essential to obtain optimum results. It is very important to treat the skin gently and to avoid harsh ingredients while the lipidic barrier is being restored.

Removing dead skin cells can certainly give you a radiant glow but maintaining a healthy skin protective barrier is crucial to the overall functioning of the skin.

Over-exfoliation causes irritation and inflammation and that leads to oxidation which promotes AGING.


Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare


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beauty tips

Hi my friends, I want to share six NOT TO DO tips to help you preserve your beauty!!

1- CLEANSING YOUR FACE WITH HOT WATER Water that is too hot will in time damage the capillaries
2 -SLEEPING ON YOUR FACE Sleeping for hours on your face regularly, eventually can create lines & creases.
3- PICKING AT YOUR PIMPLES Pimples contain bacteria that can easily spread to cause further infection, increasing inflammation & leading to scarring.
4- IGNORING TO APPLY SPF ON THE BACK OF YOUR HANDS You can show a young face but your hands are harsh age tellers. Protect them daily with sunscreen to prevent sun spots & creipy skin.
5 -FORGETTING YOUR NECK &DECOLLETTE Your neck & decollette are an extension of your face. Include them in your skin care routine to prevent lines & saggy skin
6- OVER EXFOLIATING YOUR SKIN Over exfoliating your skin removes essential skin components, leaving it more sensitive, dry & more


Put back the GLOW into your SKIN with this Super charged Balancing MASK is packed with powerful antioxidants and nutrients to nourish, hydrate and re-balance  the skin leaving it refreshed and healthy-looking!

Smells so YUMMY that you will want to eat it!!
1/4 Cup Plain yogurt
1/4 Cup Blueberries
1/2 banana
1 tbsp of Honey
2 Slices of cucumber
1 tbsp of oatmeal
Blend all ingredients until a paste consistency is reached and apply to face for 15 min. Gently massage the mask on the skin for 1 min. before removing. Rinse it off completely and follow with your moisturizer.
Note: It is always a good idea to stay away from any ingredients that you have had a history of allergic reactions.


Life is about  having fun and sharing valuable memories… When Cocktails and Margaritas are part of the program… what we see in the mirror the following day might not be as fun..


✔ICED TEA BAGS – Chamomile, Green tea or Lavander are a great choice..MUST BE CAFFINATED to contain caffeine and tannings which help to constrict blood vessels helping reduce swelling, puffiness and reducing darkness.

✔COLD CUCUMBER SLICES – Cucumber has astringent properties reducing puffiness and providing an inmmediate cooling & refreshing effect.

✔ALMOND OIL- rich in vitamin E helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and fortifies delicate tissues improving the appearance of dark circles. Massage a couple drops gently every night around the eye area to increase circulation and rinse off with water in the morning.

✔BABY TEETHING RINGS- Keep them in the fridge to have them cool and ready any time. Place them around the eyes to instantly reduce puffiness and awaken tired-eyes.

✔EGG WHITES- separate the yolk to use ony the egg whites. Whip the egg whites and apply around the eyes or to full face. Let it dry. It will feel really tight. Rinse off with water. The skin will look and feel firmer.





Who doesn’t want brighter, glowing skin instantly!!! Bye-Bye Dull Skin..

Microdermabrasion is definitely one of those -must have- treatments when you want a quick, non-invasive way to change the way your skin looks and feels.  It is considered a mechanical superficial peel with many short and long-term benefits!! There are different types of microdermabrasion:

  • Crystal: Performed with a machine that has two tubes connected at the end by a head piece. One has a vacuum and the other delivers finely milled crystals. The vacuum pulls up the skin while aluminum oxide crystals or sodium bicarbonate cause a controlled abrasion to the skin, removing dead skin cells from the surface.
  • Diamond Tip: Utilizes micro-abrasion wands with diamond tips
  • Dermal-Infusion: It alternates diamond microdermabrasion with the infusion of specific serums determined according to the skin condition

By removing the old skin cells, new cells are exposed giving the skin a younger and brighter look.  Isn’t that Awesome!!! Another great plus is that  there is immediate stimulation to the formation of new collagen. Collagen is the magic word…  New collagen means Plump, Dewy, Healthy SKIN!! Microdermabrasion can help improve a variety of skin issues and conditions, including:

* Scars * Non-inflammatory Acne *Sun damage * Dark spots * Uneven skin tone * Dull skin* Lines & Wrinkles…

On its own microdermabrasion is a fabulous treatment, however; when combined with other modalities and active skin care ingredients, it is an incredible tool to achieve more dramatic and faster results.

It is not recommended for inflammatory conditions or hyper- sensitive skin.


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If you thought a facial was just a way to relax think again… Here are 6 good reasons why you should get a FACIAL REGULARLY!!


✔INCREASES BLOOD FLOW oxygenating tissues at a cellular level

✔Helps you RELAX & fight stress

✔EXFOLIATE DEAD SKIN CELLS allowing better absorbtion and efficacy of your skin care products


✔IMPROVE skin concerns, OVERALL SKIN HEALTH & fights the signs of aging.[/column]

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