how to have hydrated skin

A hydrated skin is the perfect way to show that you are a healthy person, but for so many reasons sometimes the largest organ of the body does not get the correct hydrating or moisturizing, which are not the same. There are no differences between men and women when you are talking about skin; both will need care and treatments, so today I will show some tips to get hydrated skin.

Difference between hydrating and moisturizing

Both treatments are entirely different; products are called hydrators and moisturizers, hence for them the primary objective is to help the skin, to get the necessary water to avoid the dryness and dehydration. However to reach this goal they use different ways, showing why the skin sometimes needs both treatments.

  • Hydrating: it refers to the water that is contained in the cells, allowing them to show a healthy look on the skin. If the cells reduce the level of water, it is going to start the dehydration process. Hydrators work by giving water to the cells while helping the skin to absorb moisture and nutrients.
  • Moisturizing: the products for moisture have the single job of helping the skin create the protecting barrier by trapping nutrients and moisture. This barrier will prevent water loss and will give a healthy, soft and smooth look to the skin.

Now that you know the difference, you must understand how your skin looks to choose the best treatment or if you will need both of them.

Tips to get a hydrated skin

With the difference clarified, let’s get to the tips on how to maintain a hydrated skin. Are you ready to give your skin a new look?

  • Practice the exfoliation to prepare the skin for better hydration or moisture by removing the dead cells, that way the nutrients and water will be absorbed without problems.
  • Use serums with the correct ingredients to increase the skin hydration such as hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA, Panthenol, aloe, glycerin, among others.
  • Start to love the moisturizing creams because they seal the serums hydration, thanks to containing lipids like ceramides and fatty acids; just remember to use the right one for your skin type.
  • You can also make use of intensive treatments such as facials; these will give another look to the skin while using natural ingredients.
  • Drink enough water. Many of us don’t drink water in the right way; it isn’t about drinking liquids; you must drink plenty of water to get the correct hydration.
  • Have a balanced diet rich in minerals like omegas, especially omega 3.

As you can see, having a healthy and hydrated skin is not a difficult task; with healthy habits and effort your skin will feel soft, smooth, and most important, hydrated. Give your skin the same care like the rest of your body.

why it is important to have hydrated skin
Moisturizing and hydrating your skin will help you look beautiful, young and perfect.

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what is overall wellness?

In recent years, people are under too much pressure, besides balancing the different aspects of their lives. Family, job, friends, and time for yourself can be hard. Probably you can’t find time for all of these, feeling so tired that result in physical and emotional conditions.

Many of those aspects are on the way to find overall wellness, which is the state of being in good health, getting better day by day. This has several dimensions that offer different benefits for every area of your life. To find a good balance, while keeping low levels of stress and emotional problems, you must work on each of the seven dimensions.

Seven dimensions of overall wellness

It can look difficult to maintain all the paths, plus all your responsibilities and demands, but having discipline wanting to take care of yourself will reward you with overall wellness. Learn all about the seven dimensions!

  1. Physical wellness: this one is of course about your body. Exercise, have a good time of sleep, eat a balanced diet, and pay attention to its warnings. Your body allows you to fulfill all your activities and chores, while having all the energy for the day.
  2. Emotional wellness: normally, people tend to withhold their emotions, and that will never be healthy. Learning how to process and express them will help you to have a better life. Follow several tips like talking with someone that will listen to you without judging you, have a positive and optimistic attitude, practice an activity where you can release your emotions, and accepting yourself for who you are.
  3. Social wellness: relationships are always a huge part of your life, so nurturing and having good ones are important for your overall wellness because being sociable is part of being human. Of course, with age finding new relations can be difficult; but with different techniques, you definitely can improve your social skills. Some of them are: join groups of common grounds, try to make new friends naturally, and nourish your existing ones.
  4. Intellectual wellness: your brain is one of the most important organs: it will define your personality, your intelligence, and knowledge. For that single reason, it’s important to train it. Age is not an impediment to keep learning new abilities and improve the old ones. Stimulating the brain is a fun exercise and one that has great benefits for you.
  5. Spiritual wellness: this dimension doesn’t depend on a specific religion, but if you want to rely on one is your ultimate choice. The is more about your beliefs, faith, and values that form your character and moral guidance. In hard times, you can take a deep journey within yourself and find all the guidance and strength to keep fighting and never give up.
  6. Environmental wellness: it will be important to treat your surroundings and the planet in general in good ways. Protecting nature will give you a feeling of doing the right things, and make others to follow your example. Earth needs us to be more in sync with its wounds, so help it to be better will give you a sensation of being a nice person and be on the right path.
  7. Occupational wellness: here, you will find passion in your workplace, but this is not about to have fun on it, it’s to find realization and be happy with what you are doing, your colleagues and your workplace. There are many ways to improve this dimension, and they will depend on your job and your personality.

To have a good quality of life you must work on these dimensions and applying them on your daily routines. These are the best qualities for our overall wellness, so keep improving to become the best you!

overall wellness to live in peace
Apply these principles that will help you lead a full life.

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Woman over 40 beauty tips


One amazing thing happens as we grow in age…

I can say this with strong confidence at 47 — priorities change and we can see with great clarity that we are the most beautiful when we accept and love the uniqueness of being ourselves, imperfections and all…

Now, it is also true that right before our eyes things start to change and when it comes to our beauty routine some adjustments must be made.  At this time the most assertive phrase would be :


I am sure that most women would agree that their objective is to look fresh and feminine in an effortless way. And yes, my friend that is all possible when you know a few secrets that can work wonders to save time and give you a flawless look.


There is nothing that adds more years to your face than dehydrated skin, it marks all the fine lines and creates shadows making you look older, so before you apply your makeup make sure you use a good moisturizer or serum  to plump up the skin. A good trick is to apply it when the skin is still a little damp.


Exfoliating at least once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells not only helps your skin look more radiant but betters the performance of your products and makes the skin smoother so the makeup looks silkier.


Either you want to use a foundation or a tinted moisturizer (which you can create your own by mixing a few drops of your foundation with your moisturizer) applying it with a damp makeup sponge will make it look more dewy, disguising imperfections and avoiding the makeup to sink into the pores.


This trick, I learned from a great makeup artist and I have been doing it ever since. It really works…If you have stopped using eyeliner because it is impossible to draw a neat line in the outer corner, fold a tissue and use the straight sharp edge pressing the tissue against your face creating a line between the outer corner of the eye and the outer end of the eyebrow, it gives you the perfect alignment to create the line and it is also very helpful for applying eye shadow, the upward angle gives the illusion of a lifting effect. Once you are done just dispose the tissue and the makeup will look nice and neat.  Use a little concealer if you need to clean it up at first but practice make masters and once you have done it a couple times you will be an expert.


Some people consider this an extra step but it is well worth the time, using a lip liner allows the lipstick to stay put longer. In addition, since it has a thicker consistency, it works as a barrier so the lipstick doesn’t bleed into the fine lines.


With age the skin loses volume and it is even more noticeable around the eye area, making you look tired. Poor circulation can cause the blood to become stagnant and it shows through creating a dark shadow commonly known as dark circles, it can also be hereditary. In the color wheel opposite colors neutralize each other, and orange neutralizes purple so a peach color corrector will help disguise the darkness. Once neutralized, apply your regular concealer over it… and Voila!!


Once you have applied the finishing powder which is essential to seal the makeup and make it last longer the skin can take a pasty look if went a little bit heavy with the powder. Just spray your face with a fine mist of rose water or mineral water and it makes it look more real and natural.


It is not that powder eyeshadows come with an age expiring date; I am sure that you can enjoy them both, but cream eyeshadows glide smoother and have better coverage. As the eyelid loses elasticity cream eyeshadows can be applied with more precision while powder shadows can be a little bit more challenging.


Remember highlighters bring out or emphasize the feature or the area and darker shadows recede or disguise. When choosing a highlighter I recommend the ones that have more like a pearl finish and not the ones with shimmer. The latter tend to accentuate enlarged pores and fine lines.


Apply a neutral shade angling up along the check bone until the temple to form a lifting effect and then add a rosy tone to the apple of the cheek to create a youthful effect.

And remember it’s not about doing it with perfection. It is about having fun and experimenting with colors and products and finding what works best for you and most importantly… what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL !

Thank you so much for being here

Until next time!

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician/ Cosmetologist/ Electrologist C.M.E./ Massage Therapist/ Makeup Artist

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare


When was the last time you treated yourself to a skintreatment ? 

Regular facial treatments can have amazing benefits for the skin.

They can prevent and correct many skin issues and maintain your skin looking healthy and younger looking. My philosophy in skin care is based on 4 very important blocks that transform and maintain the skin.. fighting the signs of aging and helping improve other concerns, supporting the skin to function at its fullest potential.

▫CLEANSING & EXFOLIATION ..Exfoliating dead skin cells allows better absorption and efficacy of your skin care and forces the skin to replace those dead cells with new cells which perform better and look healthier

▫STIMULATION ..If there is a word that describes keeping your skin looking young is this one. As we age the skin becomes sluggish and it’s normal renewal processes slow down considerably, so stimulating in different ways for example : massage, utilizing technology etc.. makes the skin work more effectively.

▫NOURISHMENT .. Good skincare with selected ingredients can transform the skin and supply essential nutrients topically which are utilized directly providing great results.

▫PROTECTION.. None of the above will make sense if you don’t protect your skin with a good SPF. The sun damages skin cells and speeds the signs of aging like uneven pigmentation , distended capillaries and lines and wrinkles needless to say the high risk of skin cancer.

?ALWAYS CONSIDER that everyone’s skin is unique and the skin changes so its needs change as well.

Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare


Healthy skin begins with good cleansing habits..

Cleansing your skin sounds simple and it should be, but using the wrong cleanser can start many skin problems such as: sensitivity, excessive dryness, irritation, redness and even breakouts.

The skin protective layer is meant to guard the skin from external aggresors but certain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate found in many cleansers can strip the skin of natural essential lipids leaving the skin vulnerable to irritation and dryness.

Here are some tips for a regular cleansing routine:

?Select a mild cleanser, avoid harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate

?Cleanse your skin 2 times a day

If suffering from acne, avoid over cleansing since it will actually cause the skin to produce more oil to counteract the dryness caused by the Cleanser. Dryness and irritation can exacerbate breakouts.

?If using an exfoliating cleanser containing acids such as glycolic or salicylic make sure you hydrate the skin properly that way you supply the skin with fundamental components.

?Some devices such as clarasonic or foreo contain ultrasonic technology to help provide a deeper cleansing, they are great; but remember, more is not always better. Your skin will tell you how often to use them.

If using them everyday starts to give you skin problems, reduce the frequency of use.

?And my favorite tip : ALWAYS GO TO BED WITH A CLEAN FACE .



Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Paramedical Aesthetician/ Consultant/Educational Trainer

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare

Featured in TV shows and popular magazines as one the favorite treatments celebrities are using now days to treat just about everything… from a hangover to lines and wrinkles, no wonder  this form of therapy has exploded in popularity.

But, does it work? What makes it effective?

Believers assure that it can do wonders from boosting your energy to increasing libido and how about regaining a fabulous skin glow!!

Can it sound any better?

The “a la carte” menu is pretty extensive, there are drips to boost the immune system, fight jet lag, increase energy and sexual performance, hangover recovery, weight loss,  de-stressing , detoxifying,  rejuvenation and many more.

Based on the fact that only approximately 50 percent of the nutrients we ingest regularly are actually absorbed by the tissues, IV therapy delivers the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, by avoiding the digestive process, the integrity of the vitamins and nutrients are kept more active providing instant results.  Infusions are created by adding vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to a solution containing salt just like the blood which facilitates the absorption taking aprox. 30 to 45 min to absorb.

Price varies ranging from $95 to $250 depending on the drip. Many Company’s offer a membership program with great discounts for regular clients, some of them even offer mobile in home services.


Most of the magical concoctions promising to help the skin contain as the main ingredients:

Vitamin C, Biotin, CoQ10 and the amino acid Glutathione.

Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen, a crucial building block in the prevention and protection of the skin’s fundamental structures affected by the aging process. Humans lack the ability to produce vitamin C, thus regular consumption is necessary to maintain healthy skin cells and it is quite beneficial to help improve dull, fatigued and saggy skin.

Glutathione on the other hand is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants which not only helps to fight free radicals but also reduces the over activity  of the enzyme tyrosinase, directly involved in the production of melanin (skin color) causing a brightening effect.

Because of the almost instant “pick me up” effect, these cocktails have become favorite of many models and actresses to restore and regain a bright,  luminous complexion.


It is a quick relatively non-invasive procedure with no down time and most people experience fast results.

Prices vary but the treatments are reasonably affordable.

A variety of different treatments are available to address individual needs.


Although the “Myers” cocktail (popular infusion created by Dr. John Myers ) has been used for over 30 years, there are not definite scientific studies concluding on the long-term effects of the therapy.

Continuous treatments might be necessary to achieve and maintain results.

There are risks of allergic reactions or infection if no adequate ingredients and/or sanitation procedures are followed.


To me good nutrition is always the base of our health… “We are what we eat” a HEALTHY DIET and LIFESTYLE along with an effective SKIN CARE REGIMEN can certainly help you feel great and look amazing.

However, who doesn’t stray sometimes to indulge into a no so healthy diet or gets overloaded by stress which weakens the immune system or needs a little extra energy boost after a long flight…

So what do think about this popular trend? Would you do it?

Thank you for being here!!

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Paramedical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare


We all have heard the expression “No pain, no gain”

especially when it refers to beauty and quite honestly, I am sure that most women will agree to some extent if not completely with that..

Waxing, permanent makeup, laser treatments, reductive massage… just to mention a few, are clear examples of it. Yet we do it with pleasure because we love the results !

Well the new kid on the block is called “micro-needling” it has become a very popular skin treatment despite the “needle” term in the name..although the technology is also known as “Collagen Induction Therapy” I personally prefer to call it that way because it simply defines what it does for the skin.

But, is it worth the little discomfort?

How does micro-needling work?

Either in the from of a roller, an electric pen or a stamp these cosmetic devices contain tiny needles that cause minute wounds in the skin. Since it is at such small scale, it is basically impossible to see them except for some blood drops that may emerge at the time of treatment.

Despite the microscopic nature of the wound, it is sufficient enough to activate the body’s own natural healing mechanism, promoting the production of new collagen and elastin. Hence the name “Collagen Induction Therapy”.

The beauty of this modality is that there is no removal or damaging of the existing collagen, so the new one fortifies and adds naturally to the existing structure.

New collagen not only increases skin density ( thickness), looks and feels younger but also has better overall functionally, giving the skin a very positive turn.

Another benefit that occurs parallel to the collagen growth is better absorption of active ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, growth factors etc. via the micro-channels created by the needling action. For example, combining this technology with Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from your own blood also known as PRP has become very popular. When applied synergistically with the procedure, these topical substances penetrate at deeper levels in the skin and become more therapeutic which is a great opportunity to customize each individual treatment with specific ingredients to improve different skin concerns including: lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation and so on..

This type of treatment is normally recommended in a series, the time in between treatments is set based on the professional’s criteria. For the most part, it is indicated every 3 to 4 weeks to allow the skin to heal properly before it is treated again. However, too far apart will just make the skin lose its stimulating momentum, so spacing the treatments at the correct time is crucial to achieve the best results.

The downtime is minimum, some mild redness and inflammation that normally subsides within 24 to 48 hrs. It is very important to use mild skincare and sun protection and stay away from harsh ingredients.

Extreme hygiene and sanitation is imperative for this type of skin treatments, disposable tips and/or rollers should be used each time.

The price for this treatment varies depending on the location, the professional, the active ingredients being used in the treatment as well as the procedure itself. It normally ranges from $175 up to $850 aprox. when PRP ( your own plasma) is used as the active topical. (one session)


After all the technical info, I must tell you that I have personally seen great results with this modality. It is relatively non-invasive and the benefits I believe are greater than the little discomfort. Yes, there is a little bit of discomfort, I wouldn’t call it pain. But, let’s take into consideration though that pain tolerance is a very subjective matter. I personally don’t like to use anesthetics but you can use one to make it more pleasant.

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to trade a little prick for beauty?

Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare

If your hair has split ends and feel dry and frizzy this easy to make mask will help restore hydration and shine.


-1 Avocado

-2 tbls Olive Oil

-1 Egg Yolk

Blend it until you make an even paste and apply it to damp hair for 20 to 30 min.

To improve penetration you can cover your hair with a plastic cap to increase heat.

Rinse well and shampoo your hair as usual. DO THE LAST RINSE WITH COOL WATER to close the cuticle and increase shine!!!

If your hair is very damaged, you can repeat this mask treatment every week until your hair improves condition. Then as a maintenance treatment once a month.

Acne is a chronic condition that can be caused by many different factors such as: hormones, genetics, age, medications etc.

However; there are two habits that are very common and can aggravate the condition and even start developing acne.

Bacteria spreads very easily when exposed to the right environment..  skin that is prone to acne normally secretes more sebum (oil) and along with dead skin cells it makes the perfect setting for bacteria to set in and colonize quickly…

Considering this scenario, the following habits are a NO NO if you want to stop the rapid growth of bacteria.


Unless your hands are washed and clean, touching your face with dirty hands can transfer bacteria and create breakouts. I know sometimes it is hard to remember but if you remain conscious of not doing it, eventually you will stop altogether and it will help you prevent skin problems.


Cell phones have become indispensable in our everyday life. It is even hard to count how many times we use it during the day… but resting your cell phone on your face regularly after you have touched it with your hands or rested it on dirty places is a big ACNE CULPRIT now days. I have seen cases where only the side where the person uses the phone presents acne lesions while the other facial areas a totally acne free. Clean and sanitize your phone regularly and be aware of where you place it. Try as much as you can, not to rest it directly on your skin when you talk to avoid transferring bacteria.


The eye area is very delicate, not only because the skin is thinner than the rest of the face, but also it contains very little irrigation of sebum (oil). Mother nature made it that way because if we did, oil will end up in our eyes. The down side to that is that age takes its course there first…

Using an eye cream at an early age will keep that area well hydrated, preventing the early formation of lines and wrinkles.

There are many different formulations of eye creams.. ingredients such as arnica, vitamin K, vitamin C, Helichrysum, peptides, licorice,  etc… are just a few of the ingredients regularly used in eye creams to help treat dark circles, puffiness and lines and wrinkles.

One question that I get asked all the time is “how and when to apply the eye cream”?

For optimum results it is normally recommended to apply the eye cream twice a day, along with the rest of your skincare regimen.

The best direction to apply it is INWARDS with a continuous circular pattern and with soft tapping movements using your ring finger… that way you don’t cause any pulling on the skin and help to increase circulation and absorption of the product.

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