why you should remove makeup before sleeping

Removing makeup before going to bed is essential for your skin health, and it is a must that you should comply in your routine. It can look like an impossible task, because of the many responsibilities that you have at home, after work. But taking care of yourself needs to be your top priority.

Of course, you have been hearing that sleeping with makeup on is a terrible thing to do, but do you truly know why? This article will provide you with all the reasons and the best way to do it.

Reasons to remove your makeup before going to bed

Sleeping with makeup on can be chaotic for your skin. Every woman loves to have a beautiful face; however, for laziness and tiredness, we tend not to fulfill the nighttime beauty routine, in which removing chemical products is the most important part.


It can be terrible for the skin, leading to the feared breakouts. Because all the products and their components mix with the dirt and sweating accumulate during the day, so the pores clogged and ending with breakout and places hardly to concealed.

Dry complexion in the morning

It is unfortunate for the complexion if you don’t refresh your face after the long day hours because the foundation, powder, and eye makeup can stick to the body, letting lines and creases appear, besides starting the day with a dry and dull skin that will need several days to recover.

An older look

The purpose of wearing makeup is to look younger and fresh. However, if you sleep with it on, the effort put into buying products and tools to have the best appearance can be forgotten, because the next morning your face will be awful and it will take time to recover the previous state. So, please take care of your face making every night your beauty routine and get rid of the makeup, dirt, and sweat.

Ways to remove makeup easily

There are a couple of options to remove products when you feel tired and can barely keep your eyes open.

Makeup remover wipes: this is the easiest way to remove it in just a few minutes; these wipes are so good that they can take off even the waterproof options. Keep them on your bag for quick cleaning if you need to change or arrange the makeup at work. Just try to close the pack well so they won’t dry.


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Cleansing oil: this is the new trend because oil attracts oil and many of the makeup products have oily components, especially the ones for the eyes. Apply a few drops on a cotton pad and use it on your body; the makeup will be lift from your skin. After that use the regular cleanser and wash your face quickly.

Micellar water: this is the new favorite cleanser, coming directly from France. Micellar water is an option composed of tiny micelles, that are oil molecules in water that remove makeup, dirt, and grease but at the same time clean and hydrate the skin. Just use a cotton pad with the products and wipe all your face, with the eyes just leave for a few seconds and remove.

Removing the makeup before sleep is important to look young, healthy, and fresh every morning even with messy hair. Remember: having a nighttime beauty routine can be the difference in your look because it can provide you with a natural and gorgeous appearance.

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