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Prevent lines and wrinkles while you sleep

Sleep is essential for rejuvenation The body uses a lot of energy throughout the day to execute the different tasks starting from essential ones such as breathing, eating, walking etc. not to mention the endurance that it needs to fight the constant battle against free radicals, chemicals, and a polluted environment just to mention a […]

10 Beauty secrets for women over 40

  One amazing thing happens as we grow in age… I can say this with strong confidence at 50 — priorities change, and we can see with great clarity that we are the most beautiful when we accept and love the uniqueness of being ourselves, imperfections and all… Now, it is also true that right […]

Do collagen supplements work?

 Collagen supplements are booming claiming to give you back glowing skin and to combat aging. Are they worth a try? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a polypeptide containing different types of amino acids such as: glycine, proline, glutamine and arginine, it forms part of all connective tissues in the body: […]

Tips for microneedling

Acclaimed by celebrities and beauty professionals, Microneedling is all the rage in skincare treatments at the moment and for a good reason. It can literally transform your skin and even erase some years from your face. But how can tiny needles help you defeat the effects of time? One of the main causes of aging […]

What is the Aging Process of the Face

The world is fascinated and obsessed with staying young.  Thus, the immense amount of options and solutions promising eternal youth. However, the most crucial information is lost within the desire of getting miraculous results or behind the next best skincare ingredient..  “THE AGING PROCESS” itself. This series of articles about “The Aging Process of the […]

The Good and the Bad about Retinoids

Many people live in a continuous love-hate relationship with retinoids. They like its effects on the skin, especially long-term benefits but dislike the side effects that often come with its usage: irritation, redness, inflammation, peeling etc., especially at the beginning when the skin is acclimating to it. However, it is an ingredient that has substantial […]


The Sun Protection Factor helps to measure the performance of the sunscreen In terms of protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation that harms the skin causing:  sunburn, breaking down collagen and elastin, damaging healthy cells and even being able to cause skin cancer. Assuming that the skin would burn after aprox. 20 minutes under direct […]


“We are what we eat”… I am sure we have all heard that phrase.. and although it is true in the sense that our health is directly linked to proper nutrition, the food we consumed is absorbed and used in order of priority by our organs and tissues. Important organs such as: the heart, liver […]

6 Good Reasons to Get a Facial

[column width=”1/1″ last=”true” title=”” title_type=”single” animation=”none” implicit=”true”] If you thought a facial was just a way to relax think again… Here are 6 good reasons why you should get a FACIAL REGULARLY!! ✔CLEANSES & DETOXIFIES the skin ✔INCREASES BLOOD FLOW oxygenating tissues at a cellular level ✔Helps you RELAX & fight stress ✔EXFOLIATE DEAD SKIN […]