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Facials treatments that work

Radiant skin gives you confidence.. There is no discussion that healthy skin is the result of a daily commitment and good skin care habits. But what if you want a little boost without going too agressive?  There are some facial treatments that can give your skin a quick turn arround and provide you with fabulous […]

Do collagen supplements work?

 Collagen supplements are booming claiming to give you back glowing skin and to combat aging. Are they worth a try? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a polypeptide containing different types of amino acids such as: glycine, proline, glutamine and arginine, it forms part of all connective tissues in the body: […]

What is the Aging Process of the Face

The world is fascinated and obsessed with staying young.  Thus, the immense amount of options and solutions promising eternal youth. However, the most crucial information is lost within the desire of getting miraculous results or behind the next best skincare ingredient..  “THE AGING PROCESS” itself. This series of articles about “The Aging Process of the […]

How to improve the appearance of enlarged pores

The pores that we see on the surface are actually the openings of hair follicles— They are minute structures that the skin utilizes to release sweat and sebum (oil) produced by the sweat and sebaceous glands. In areas where there are more sebaceous glands and the production of sebum is more abundant, like the forehead […]