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What is behind your skin condition

Skin conditions are bothersome and frustrating. Either acne, sudden skin rashes, rosacea, eczema, etc. can leave you feeling helpless and anxious. Especially after you have tried everything under the sun and nothing has given you full relief. The skin is a mirror of what is happening internally in your body. It is an organ that […]

Avoid these habits if you have acne

If your breakouts have been giving you a hard time and not responding to a good anti-acne skincare routine and a clean diet, may be it’s time to take a look at certain common habits that could be the culprit. Bacteria is one of the most influential factors in the formation and spreading of acne […]

Can I get acne from cosmetics ?

Have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of little tiny bumps that look like whiteheads ? Normally, cosmetic acne lesions are non-inflammatory and although you may not relate cosmetic products to the sudden outbreak of acne, FYI; it may take up to 6 months for acne cosmetica to start showing up on the skin. […]

The Good and the Bad about Retinoids

Many people live in a continuous love-hate relationship with retinoids. They like its effects on the skin, especially long-term benefits but dislike the side effects that often come with its usage: irritation, redness, inflammation, peeling etc., especially at the beginning when the skin is acclimating to it. However, it is an ingredient that has substantial […]


Acne is a chronic condition that can be caused by many different factors such as: hormones, genetics, age, medications etc. However; there are two habits that are very common and can aggravate the condition and even start developing acne. Bacteria spreads very easily when exposed to the right environment..  skin that is prone to acne […]