A man practicing habits that cause acne

If your breakouts have been giving you a hard time and not responding to a good anti-acne skincare routine and a clean diet, may be it’s time to take a look at certain common habits that could be the culprit.

Bacteria is one of the most influential factors in the formation and spreading of acne lesions.

The over production of sebum and accumulation of dead skin cells create the perfect environment for  bacterial growth. Simple everyday activities and habits that you do without thinking can easily lead to transferring bacteria and end up exacerbating and worsening the acne condition.

Here is a close look at some of those habits:


Friendship is a wonderful thing, but when you share your make up you are transferring bacteria from face to face and if you are prone to breakouts, those micro-organisms that live on everyone’s skin can become a problem to your skin. Also makeup brushes accumulate bacteria with every use, it is crucial to wash them at least once a week if not more often to prevent bacterial overgrowth.


It is a great idea to use a separate fresh towel exclusively for your face regularly, that way you prevent to bring back bacteria into your skin.


It is impossible to have clean hands all the time, so the hands are carriers of bacteria that can easily end up on your face when you touch it often.


We tend to change the sheets often, but maybe buying a few extra sets of pillow cases can be a great investment so you can use a fresh one even more frequently. I know, this might not sound very pleasant, but we all drool to some extent while we sleep and saliva carries bacteria so you want to avoid those micro-organisms from reaching your skin.


Ok I agree, hair products are an essential… a great hairstyle requires some good hair styling goodies, but many of them contain waxes, formaldehyde, plastic derivatives and other chemicals that can end up on your skin and clog the pores. Also, during your sleep since you rest your hair on the pillow and then turn around during the night, your face will be laying right over the residue of the product.

The same happens with fragrance. It contains multiple ingredients, many could be sensitizing to the skin, as you touch any part of your body with fragrance residue and then touch your face, it can cause irritation and turn into breakouts or an allergic reaction.


Dry skin needs lipids (oils), oily skin on the other hand, already produces enough sebum (oil).  If you add more oil to a skin that is already producing it in excess, chances are that you can get pore congestion and/or breakouts.


Who can survive now days without a cell phone… not that many people. We are spending a lot of time on our phones and without even noticing, it ends up resting on the face. Think of all the places where you take your phone to.  Public places and bathrooms for example.. sound familiar…. With that in mind, the phone is the last thing you want to bring close to your face, especially if you suffer from acne. Use a Bluetooth and clean the phone regularly  keeping it away from your face as you talk are fantastic habits to practice if you want to improve your acne.


If you have noticed that your breakouts are localized mainly on the upper cheeks and lower part of the forehead, think of sunglasses… especially the over sized ones.. They are lovely and very fashionable but oil and sweat carry bacteria which transfers to them as you wear them. If you don’t clean them regularly they will re-introduce the bacteria into your skin when you wear them back again, triggering new breakouts.


I don’t want to sound like you need to live in a bubble to prevent acne but it is important to be conscious of how easily bacteria can spread and to avoid common habits that could be holding you back from getting clear skin. That these habits are the cause of your breakouts? Only you can find out by avoiding them and seeing how your skin responds. But one thing is certain.. avoiding the build up of bacteria on your skin, is always a good thing when you are prone to acne.

Thank you so much for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare


We all have heard the expression “No pain, no gain”

especially when it refers to beauty and quite honestly, I am sure that most women will agree to some extent if not completely with that..

Waxing, permanent makeup, laser treatments, reductive massage… just to mention a few, are clear examples of it. Yet we do it with pleasure because we love the results !

Well the new kid on the block is called “micro-needling” it has become a very popular skin treatment despite the “needle” term in the name..although the technology is also known as “Collagen Induction Therapy” I personally prefer to call it that way because it simply defines what it does for the skin.

But, is it worth the little discomfort?

How does micro-needling work?

Either in the from of a roller, an electric pen or a stamp these cosmetic devices contain tiny needles that cause minute wounds in the skin. Since it is at such small scale, it is basically impossible to see them except for some blood drops that may emerge at the time of treatment.

Despite the microscopic nature of the wound, it is sufficient enough to activate the body’s own natural healing mechanism, promoting the production of new collagen and elastin. Hence the name “Collagen Induction Therapy”.

The beauty of this modality is that there is no removal or damaging of the existing collagen, so the new one fortifies and adds naturally to the existing structure.

New collagen not only increases skin density ( thickness), looks and feels younger but also has better overall functionally, giving the skin a very positive turn.

Another benefit that occurs parallel to the collagen growth is better absorption of active ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, growth factors etc. via the micro-channels created by the needling action. For example, combining this technology with Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from your own blood also known as PRP has become very popular. When applied synergistically with the procedure, these topical substances penetrate at deeper levels in the skin and become more therapeutic which is a great opportunity to customize each individual treatment with specific ingredients to improve different skin concerns including: lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation and so on..

This type of treatment is normally recommended in a series, the time in between treatments is set based on the professional’s criteria. For the most part, it is indicated every 3 to 4 weeks to allow the skin to heal properly before it is treated again. However, too far apart will just make the skin lose its stimulating momentum, so spacing the treatments at the correct time is crucial to achieve the best results.

The downtime is minimum, some mild redness and inflammation that normally subsides within 24 to 48 hrs. It is very important to use mild skincare and sun protection and stay away from harsh ingredients.

Extreme hygiene and sanitation is imperative for this type of skin treatments, disposable tips and/or rollers should be used each time.

The price for this treatment varies depending on the location, the professional, the active ingredients being used in the treatment as well as the procedure itself. It normally ranges from $175 up to $850 aprox. when PRP ( your own plasma) is used as the active topical. (one session)


After all the technical info, I must tell you that I have personally seen great results with this modality. It is relatively non-invasive and the benefits I believe are greater than the little discomfort. Yes, there is a little bit of discomfort, I wouldn’t call it pain. But, let’s take into consideration though that pain tolerance is a very subjective matter. I personally don’t like to use anesthetics but you can use one to make it more pleasant.

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to trade a little prick for beauty?

Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Dora Salazar

Medical Aesthetician

Founder of Zkin Fix Skincare

Acne is a chronic condition that can be caused by many different factors such as: hormones, genetics, age, medications etc.

However; there are two habits that are very common and can aggravate the condition and even start developing acne.

Bacteria spreads very easily when exposed to the right environment..  skin that is prone to acne normally secretes more sebum (oil) and along with dead skin cells it makes the perfect setting for bacteria to set in and colonize quickly…

Considering this scenario, the following habits are a NO NO if you want to stop the rapid growth of bacteria.


Unless your hands are washed and clean, touching your face with dirty hands can transfer bacteria and create breakouts. I know sometimes it is hard to remember but if you remain conscious of not doing it, eventually you will stop altogether and it will help you prevent skin problems.


Cell phones have become indispensable in our everyday life. It is even hard to count how many times we use it during the day… but resting your cell phone on your face regularly after you have touched it with your hands or rested it on dirty places is a big ACNE CULPRIT now days. I have seen cases where only the side where the person uses the phone presents acne lesions while the other facial areas a totally acne free. Clean and sanitize your phone regularly and be aware of where you place it. Try as much as you can, not to rest it directly on your skin when you talk to avoid transferring bacteria.