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Get your best SKIN ever

My philosophy in skin care offers you a Holistic- functional approach to achieve skin balance combining the best of science, ancient wisdom, non-invasive technology and integral principles to transform the SKIN…

Give your skin what it needs inside & out!

HEALTHY SKIN is a journey and it is very easy to get lost and overwhelmed if you don’t know what truly works for YOU!

 There is no such thing as a quick fix or a holy grail cream or treatment, that will provide you with miraculous results or true rejuvenation long term, without taking in consideration all other aspects of your lifestyle, simply because external treatments are just part of the puzzle and they can only take you so far.

A wholistic approach not only helps you achieve healthy, glowing skin but it also keeps you looking  younger, longer. 

The skin is a reflection of your health, therefore, factors like sleep quality, good nutrition, hormonal balance, hydration and stress management among many others, are determinant on how you look and feel.

As a skin and wellness expert my mission is to help you create vibrant health, healthy radiant skin and reclaim your full sense of wellbeing.

What makes our treatments different?

Our level of expertise and high-quality treatments, fully customized according to your unique needs.

Our methods work in rhythm with your skin and do not rely on causing damage or over-treating to promote stimulation.

Instead, our integrative treatments are based on providing the skin inside and out with essential nutrients, ingredients and natural energy sources to fight the signs of aging and support skin health and resilience.

Each treatment comprehends a detailed creative process involving  exclusive combinations of modalities and propietary massage techniques to support the skin at all levels, strengthening its structures and promoting balance and natural radiance.

Our carefully selected products are rich in nutrients and botanical ingredients of the highest quality, chosen for their affinity and sensible connection with the skin to help diminish unwanted concerns while allowing a visible transformation to take place.  

It all begins with a thorough consultation and a detailed SKIN analysis.

I will help you to get to know and understand your skin better. We will talk about your skin goals, best suited treatments, skincare ingredients, skin routine, healthy eating, lifestyle habits and other beneficial implementations that may contribute to achieve optimum skin results.

We count with superb technology tools such as: LED Light therapy, cryo-therapy, Aqua Peel, Hydra Infusion Dermabrasion, Energy 900 Microcurrent, Oxygen, Ultrasound and nano infusion among many others to provide you with great results.

Services price range from $125 – $350 based on individual needs, time, technology used, type of service etc.

Skin services

facial services

Essential Facial

60 Minutes.

A fundamental facial treatment for healthy skin maintenance. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, basic extractions, hydration, nourishment, LED treatment and a finishing mask. You will also experience our exclusive massage techniques proven to tone up facial muscles and oxygenate tissues leaving the SKIN hydrated with a beautiful healthy GLOW and a lifted effect.

Advanced Signature Facial Custom

70 – 90 Minutes

These are result-oriented treatments, great for skin lifting and toning, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing radiance and smoothing skin texture or to help improve skin conditions like: acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation etc. Every treatment is different based on the individual skin needs.   Different technologies and ingredients provide different results.
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Holistic Wellness Ritual

80 Min.

Focused on getting your whole body back into balance, release tension, emotions and leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated. Integrating diverse holistic modalities such as: our unique propietary facial massage blends, foot and hand work, TCM & BQC points, aromatherapy, meditation, energy work and breathing techniques. Reflex stimulation awakens the nervous system and create movement, removing stagnation and bringing in nourishment and life to every cell of the body.

FREE 20 min Skin Consultation
(Virtual/call/ or in person)

A great treatment begins with a thorough CONSULTATION! As a professional my goal is to become your skin partner, your advisor…to give you guidance and work to the best of my abilities to help you achieve your skin goals. Listening carefully and asking the right questions allows me to understand your expectations and plan a skin program or treatment based on your individual needs to maximize the results.

Dora Salazar is a Licensed: Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Electrologist, Massage Therapist 53239/ Certified Medical Electrologist and Laser Technician / Certified Holistic Nutritionist/ Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/ Herbalist/ Skincare Educator/ Spa Consultant/ 

Established since 1996

Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of $50.00

We encourage you to be on time for your appointment to enjoy full benefits of the treatment. Each treatment is timed according to schedule, therefore if you arrive late to your appointment it will affect your treatment. To excel in customer service, we stick to appointment times and respect the time for each client, not pushing back appointments for late arriving clients.