Anti Aging Facial
$ 150 & up 75 min
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Hydra- Infusion- Dermabrasion
  • Pressurized Oxygen
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Microcurrent

Outrageously awesome!

Every skin is unique and so are our Signature Facials. Each treatment is fully tailored to address individual skin concerns by combining different  modalities and ingredients using cutting edge technology proven to provide you with instant, amazing results. 

Some of the technologies that we offer in our treatments are:

 Hydra- Infusion-dermabrasion to deeply clean the pores, smooth lines & wrinkles, increase skin’s luminosity and exfoliate dead skin cells. 

Pressurized oxygen Infusion.  Powerful vitamins help correct skin issues and nourish skin cells.  

LED Light Therapy supports healthy collagen production.

Microcurrent tones up facial muscles and increase cellular energy. 


The skin will immediately appear healthier, more hydrated and revitalized. 

Great for a complete rejuvenation effect. Improves lines & wrinkles, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, saggy skin and dull skin.