The Future of Your SKIN is in your hands today

Dora Salazar is a Licensed Aesthetician, Beauty professional and skincare guru.

Her passion for skin care emerged from her own skin struggles, having suffered from eczema and very sensitive skin from an early age.

The challenge of such skin conditions awakened her curiosity to study the skin at a deeper level and led her to become a Skin care professional.

Being able to heal her skin which had a profound impact in her life, urged her to pursue the higher purpose of helping others to also achieve real, visible changes in their skin.

Her journey in aesthetics began in the dermatological field where she worked with renowned dermatologists for over a decade to then proceed to open her first Studio 14 year ago to offer her clients one-of -a -kind treatments incorporating innovative techniques and modalities and a warm and welcoming ambience.

Her philosophy in skin care is to treat the skin progressively not aggressively, a NEW Functional approach that respects the healing mechanisms of the skin creating balance by the means  of scientific and holistic methods  to achieve a complete skin transformation.  

After 22 years working as an Aesthetician, her passion is even stronger today.

She is fully committed to bring her clients and public effective solutions and carefully selected products along with educative content that can have a positive impact in their skin, their life and their wellbeing.

Medical Aesthetician/ Cosmetologist/ Electrologist CME/ Massage Therapist/ Body Therapist/ Spa and Beauty Consultant/Product Developer/Aesthetic Educator

Dora Salazar

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