Create perfect harmony with your skin.  Clear your mind, reduce stress and surrender to a relaxing, nourishing and therapeutic treatments that go far beyond skin deep.

Our tailored facials restore health and beauty to your skin, reset and strengthen the immune system, release facial muscle tension and blockages. The skin is indulged to a mega dose of nutrients to deeply nourish and heal the skin. A renewing experience that will leave you rejuvenated inside and out.


$ 100 - 150
facial tools


$100 60 MIN.

A winner at releasing tension and giving your skin a sculpted, refreshed appearance. 

The use of different facial tools like the guasha or kansa help to lift and tone facial muscles, improve elasticity, drain toxins and increase blood flow creating a natural, healthy radiant glow!

Lymphatic drainage


$100 60 MIN.

Reclaim your skin’s healthy GLOW!

Lymphatic drainage aids with the natural removal of fluid and toxins, improves blood flow so essential nutrients  can be released and distributed, boosts the immune system, produces a calming effect and supports internal organs. 

The skin recovers a vibrant, luminous, rejuvenated appearance.

Kinelase Facial


$125 60 MIN.

Our Kinelase Facial creates the perfect connection with your skin to reboot its functions.

It is not only amazing at facial lifting, it also stimulates via kinetic energy 36 essential points to regain health balance, fight stress and inflammation. 

Science meets wellness with incredible results  in a non-invasive manner. 



$150 75 MIN.

The Dien Chan facial known as Chan’ Beaute’ is a multireflex method based on re-balancing yin and yang energies to address the whole body by working the communication  of the skin and the brain creating drastic improvements in the overall health and in the skin.

This advanced method allows both practitioner and client to uncover underlining issues that may be the root of  skin concerns such as: acne, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, etc. 

Targeting the cause of the problem helps to find relief and achieve long term benefits.

Our whole body is reflected on our face. Therefore, we can correct imbalances by using the right tools, diagrams and BQC points to stimulate or sedate different parts of our body, restoring homeostasis.

YES! by addressing facial points we can not only feel amazing but look it too!