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Our programs assist your team in reducing burnout, increasing productivity, and managing stress and anxiety.

Lack of time, inadequate nutrition, and a sedentary modern lifestyle have made chronic illnesses, stress, and anxiety become widespread social concerns. 

It is a frequent misperception that in order to be healthy and experience long-term beneficial health effects, you must be capable of taking out hours each day.

The truth is that even though it will require hard effort, perseverance, and a willingness to adapt, it is possible and won’t be as difficult as you might think.

Functional Skin and Wellness is a transformative wellness company with an emphasis on a whole-body approach, including mindfulness, body movement, healthy eating, and lifestyle modifications to assist both private and business customers to look and feel their best.

We help both men and women who are stressed out or working in corporate environments to let go of their feelings of restraint and exhaustion and emerge into a well-being state.

Lead your team along the path to wellness by cultivating the skills that support the foundation of a healthier lifestyle.

A flourishing business is one that is in good health, start today!


Health and Wellness Coaching 

Nutrition Coaching 

Wellness Workshops

Stress Management Strategies 

Mindfulness, Meditation

“Genius Breaks Coaching” Body movement in the office

Cooking Workshops

Educational Presentations

Lunch and Learn 

Spa Services

Tailored Wellness Challenges


Maximizing production in a very affordable manner

Improving the mental health, focus, energy, and motivation of the employees

Improving costs for healthcare

Better quality of life for the employees

A decrease in absences

Enhancing the loyalty and spirit of employees

Decrease your bottom line with ROI

Dora created Functional Skin and Wellness to provide everyone the chance to thrive, be less stressed, and be more productive by giving them the tools to lead healthier and happier lives both inside and outside of the office. She believes in creating a positive work environment through engaging programs intended to unite your team through compelling presentations, simple tools, enjoyable dialogues, and simple solutions. 

With more than two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, she is a well-established practitioner licensed in massage therapy and skincare. Alongside this, she has pursued her passion for nutrition and obtained certification as a Functional Nutrition Counselor and a Board-Certified Functional Wellness Professional. Her expertise in these fields has driven her to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. Thus, she founded Functional Skin and Wellness with the aim of empowering individuals with the necessary tools to lead healthier, stress-free lives and improve their overall productivity. By sharing her knowledge and experience, she hopes to inspire everyone to prioritize their well-being both in and out of the workplace.