How to choose a good vitamin C serum with Dora Salazar

Confused about how to find a Vitamin C Serum that works ?


We all have heard of the fame of vitamin C for skin rejuvenation.

It is a powerful antioxidant, improves skin radiance, targets uneven pigmentation and plays an important role in the production of collagen giving the skin a firmer, younger-looking appearance.

But what is the real scoop on vitamin C?

Most topical Vitamin C serums contain ascorbic acid.

It is the most popular form of topical Vitamin C.

Research has shown that it works, but it must overcome many challenges to neatly deliver its benefits.

Ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin which makes it very unstable.

Topical solutions are challenged by air exposure, heat or sun light which in time may disturb its effectiveness. This instability makes it very vulnerable to oxidation and can easily degrade into other by-products that end up not being even vitamin C, which can cause more harm than good to the skin.

This leads us to get into vitamin C derivatives.

The advantage of vitamin C derivatives is that they are more stable and cause less irritation. Some of them do well at brightening the skin and providing antioxidant protection, but to boost collagen synthesis, those derivatives must be converted in the skin into L-ascorbic acid in sufficient amounts to effectively stimulate collagen production, and that is where some of them face a challenge.

In this video I give you a broad view of the features you should take into consideration when looking for a vitamin C product and review 4 of the most commonly used forms of vitamin C in skincare. I also point out 4 important tips that will help you choose a more effective product.

Here is a link to different products containing the ingredients mentioned in the video:

  • L-ascorbic Acid

Skinceuticals 20 AOX+…

  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Paula’s Choice Reisist Super Antioxidant Serum

  • Ascorbyl Palmitate

Vitamin C Serum by Skin Beauty Solutions…

  • Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Zkin Fix Age Reversal Serum… .

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The basics of healthy skin begins at discovering your skin type

To clearly discover your skin type, it’s crucial to understand that your skin is as unique as your blueprint.

You are born with your skin type, it is in your genetic makeup but since the skin is an organ in constant evolution, it responds to changes in its surroundings, lifestyle and age factors which have a direct effect on the skin causing it to get out of balance and more prone to ageing.

Learning and understanding your skin type is very important because it will not only help you detect and adapt to the skin changes but also select the best treatment options and correct skincare.

Many skin problems arise from using the wrong products ending in skin imbalances and other skin issues like inflammation and breakouts.

Skin types are determined by the amount and distribution of sebum the skin produces which influences texture, pore size and overall behavior of the skin. Too much oil can end up in acne or too little sebum can result in irritation and discomfort of the skin.

These elemental factors impact the skin dividing it into 4 main categories:

Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination.

Lear more about the Skin Type in my article ” How to Discover Your Skin Type – Aesthetician Talk”…

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Best face serum for dry, dehydrated, dull skin, lines and wrinkles aging skin : Zkin Fix Age Reversal Serum

best face serum for aging skin


Finding the best face serum for aging skin can become a complicated task.

Zkin Fix was created to offer multiple skin solutions while  simplifying and optimizing your skin care, providing fast outstanding results.

As collagen production decreases volume is lost and shadows, lines and folds form. Normally, many products would be necessary to prevent, correct and rejuvenate the skin. But with Zkin Fix you will target the common signs of aging skin in one easy step. Visible changes are noticible very quickly and you will love the fact that it is simple to use and even easy to take along when you travel.

Video Transcription

  • We are all in the search of good products to look great

Yes, the modern world offers a dynamic lifestyle we want to stay active, feel great but look great too.

Products need to offer solutions and be effective.

  • What makes Zkin Fix different

It helps to optimize your skincare regimen in one step having the benefits of 5 anti-aging serums in 1.

It contains a high concentration of active ingredients considered necessary to support the building blocks for healthy skin

It offers the strength and efficacy of a clinical product in a safe, clean formulation

  • How did you get involved in skincare?

I come from a family with a lot of skin issues:

eczema, acne, dermatitis… and I have suffered them as well. I got frustrated looking for help with no answers. So, I decided to get deep into skin care to help myself and fell in love with the skin. It is fascinating what an incredible organ the skin is.

  • Special benefits of Zkin Fix Age Reversal Serum

It targets all the common signs of aging skin like:

Lines and wrinkles, dehydration, skin dullness, poor elasticity and uneven skin tone

It prevents, corrects and rejuvenates the skin

  • Where can I find Zkin Fix?

You can order it directly from my online store

And in the offices of skin professional partners