new year resolutions for the skin


Any time is a good time for  new goals and why not… a new you! Maybe you had in mind giving yourself a pick me up by changing your skincare regimen or a new haircut but kept on slacking and putting it off for a

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acne can be caused by cosmetics

Can I get acne from cosmetics ?

Have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of little tiny bumps that look like whiteheads ? Normally, cosmetic acne lesions are non-inflammatory and although you may not relate cosmetic products to the sudden outbreak of acne, FYI; it may take up to 6 months

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why you should use tea tree oil in your skin

Tea Tree Oil: Benefits for the Skin

Tea tree oil is a new trend that is taking by surprise everybody, but do you know exactly what is it? This substance is an essential oil that is being used as an alternative to many traditional skin treatments; but it has other uses like

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benefits of drinking water for the skin

Drink water to be beautiful!

Water is one of the most important elements on the planet; without it, life cannot exist. Our bodies consist of 60% of water, but because several normal body functions this percentage can change, that is the reason why the organism is constantly asking to replenish

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why you should remove makeup before sleeping

The importance of removing makeup before bed

Removing makeup before going to bed is essential for your skin health, and it is a must that you should comply in your routine. It can look like an impossible task, because of the many responsibilities that you have at home, after work. But taking

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Will Your Health Thank You if You Declutter Your Life?

Declutter is the new trend that has everybody in awe because, according to Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying expert, it is more about choosing joy than cleaning a space. Her method “KonMari” has gained many followers around the world, thanks to the easy way that

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how yoga helps combat stress

Yoga: Is It Good for Skin and Stress?

Yoga has become the physical activity preferred for so many women because of the endless benefits that you will experience with it. It helps to reduce stress, tiredness, and even sleep problems, besides giving you a healthy body. But do you know that it can

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what is overall wellness?

Learn about the 7 Dimensions for Overall Wellness

In recent years, people are under too much pressure, besides balancing the different aspects of their lives. Family, job, friends, and time for yourself can be hard. Probably you can’t find time for all of these, feeling so tired that result in physical and emotional

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What you need to know about Botox

5 Things You May Not Know About Botox

Botox is an injectable solution that helps to relax the muscles of the face, neck, and even hands, allowing the partial elimination of wrinkles resulted from aging and other factors. However, even with all the information about Botox, there are few things that you may

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How to improve saggy skin without getting a face lift

How to tighten saggy skin without getting a face lift

 Sculpt those facial Curves One of the most noticeable signs of aging is saggy skin. As we lose collagen, muscle and bone mass, the fundamental structure of the skin becomes affected and  shadows and folds form, giving the skin a more tired, aged appearance. Loss of

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The microbiome and the skin


Not all bugs are bad, some even keep you healthy and looking younger… The “microbiome.” Have you heard or seeing this term lately ? — I bet you have… It has become a very trendy word nowadays, although the subject was first brought up over

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